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Organising a vacation has become increasingly important, complex and unpredictable, given the variety of offerings on the global scale. Anyone wishing to construct an itinerary finds themselves facing a surprising number of alternatives in terms of transport, accommodation, and services. As a result, those who rely on self-service via the internet often land themselves in trouble. For this reason, an increasing number of people are rediscovering the value of a good travel agent.

Here are three good reasons to use a travel agent:

Reliable information. Often deals that look fantastic online turn out to be disappointing in reality. An agent will be able to give you advice in choosing destinations and services that suit your personal needs and preferences.

Knowledge and experience. The more complex the journey, the more likely you are to run into trouble if you are on your own. An agent can help you avoid problems. In particular, they can help arrange all necessary measures for travel to remote locations, provide information on local laws and customs, and provide appropriate recommendations on health and safety.

Assistance in dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Many Internet customers have experienced firsthand that in case of problems there is no one to assist. Travel agents are available, have the skills, experience and contacts to quickly resolve any problems that arise.

Why choose a FIAVET TUSCANY travel agent?

Because FIAVET TUSCANY agents have the necessary skills to really play an active role in helping the customer. These skills are acquired through constant professional development via training courses, seminars and meetings between professionals. What’s more, FIAVET TUSCANY agents adhere to the Code of Ethics, as follows:

The FIAVET TUSCANY Code of Ethics takes reference from the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as adopted by the United Nations in its Resolution of 21 December, 2001.

1. CUSTOMER CARE. The FIAVET TUSCANY travel agent must act in the interest of the customer and thus work towards their complete cultural, spiritual and material satisfaction. All people shall be treated equally and with respect. No preferential relationships with suppliers will be permitted to interfere whatsoever when it comes to the interest of customers;

2. INFORMATION. Customers will always be provided with accurate and complete information in a clear and understandable way. Agents will refrain from using any form of misleading advertising in the marketing of products and services. Contracts will maintain complete transparency in every detail;

3. HONESTY. Agents will conduct business with honesty, dignity and fiscal correctness, in accordance with the laws and with the ongoing goal of protecting and promoting the best interests of customers;

4. COOPERATION. Immediate response will be made to any complaints. Agents will cooperate with any action undertaken to solve problems or disputes as quickly as possible, abiding by the normative of the Conciliations Office of the Florence Chamber of Commerce;

5. SKILLS. Agents will work to continuously improve the products and services provided to customers through training programmes and constant professional updating in order to improve the quality of work;

6. CONFIDENTIALITY. Each customer transaction will be treated in a confidential manner. Customer information shall be handled in accordance with strict regulations governing privacy. By no means will customer information and profiles be utilised to produce lists for purposes of advertising by third parties;

7. REPORTING. With the aim of monitoring compliance with the rules herein contained in the Code of Ethics, a portal shall be established to receive any reporting of misconduct. Communications can be sent to the e-mail segreteria@fiavettoscana.it

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